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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Most Wanted – Alexander McQueen Black Pumps

Posted by jenny11 on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Lately Sophie and I have been on this whole gladiator sandal and sandal heels kick that we are really into right now. Today I thought I’d highlight some super lovely pumps from Alexandar McQueen. These are my Most Wanted shoes of the week!

Alexandar McQueen Pumps - Save 20%

Alexandar McQueen Pumps - Save 20%

These gorgeous pumps have a bright pink sole and a sharp square toe which is just fabulous!  With a leather insole and leather outsole and top notch quality these pumps are an absolute dream.

Hot Pink Sole - Alexander McQueen Pumps

Hot Pink Sole - Alexander McQueen Pumps

  • Abby C said,

    These shoes scream sex, which is why I love them! But seriously if I could find the balance to wear those shoes, they would be on my feet day in and day out

  • Sophie said,

    Such yummy shoes like I would really only wear for special occasions like dinner parties, romantic evenings… I wouldn’t want to sabotage such exquisite pumps.

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