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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thong Sandals – Easy and Chic

Posted by jenny11 on July 22, 2009

In the summer I really love wearing thong sandals. Let’s face it, they are ultra-comfy and so airy that your feet can breath better in the heat. There are many different styles and looks to help you transition from day to night and from more dressed down outfits to an adorable chic ensemble to go to dinner in.

Watch the video from ShoeTube to get a better idea of just how comfy they are but also how much variety there is out there to choose from. Thongs have to be one of the most popular shoes worn in the summer time, my favs have to be the embellished rather than plain ol’ thongs.

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Look for Less – Fringe Thong Sandals

Posted by Sophie on June 22, 2009

Twelfth Street Cree Fringe Thongs $207

Twelfth Street Cree Fringe Thongs $207

Attention fringe lovers!  Put away your boring flip flops and get ready to embrace the sun with Twelfth Street Cree Fringe Thongs!  Wear this funky pair with a sundress or jeans for a day on the town!

You can get the twin version of the sandal – Wanted Fringe Sandals that’s on sale for $19.99 $39.50.  Yeah, practically a 90% savings from the expensive pair (above)!  Yum Yum!

Wanted Fringe Sandals $19.99

Wanted Fringe Sandals $19.99

Metallic Braided Sandals for $13

Posted by Sophie on May 11, 2009

I’m ready to go on a vacation so I’m looking for a few last minute sandals.  I’m loving these T-strap strappy sandals from that are really pretty & cheap!

Both metallic pink & metallic blue are exclusive online colors.  I’ll get more use out of the pink ones to go with my bikinis & dresses and they are also on sale for $13!  Oooh, and don’t forget to showcase your lovely pedicure in these summery sandals!

Metallic Braided Sandals – Pink $13 $19.50

Metallic Braided Sandals – Blue $19.50

Victorian-Inspired Boots

Posted by Sophie on August 28, 2008

Boots, boots and more boots please! Here are some adorable boots from London Underground. These Victorian-inspired boots offer a layered effect with fabric overlaying the leather in a mid-calf cut. I love the name, Women’s Bit of Romance is so cute and fitting.

Mixing textures is one of the fashion rules for this fall/winter season and this boot does this perfectly. The buckles are a big plus and the wooden heel really rounds out the various materials/textures. Personally I think these boots would look incredibly sexy with skinny jeans!

London Underground Women’s Bit of Romance


Dansko Lolita Scores High

Posted by Sophie on June 30, 2008

Several girls I know have ordered the Dansko – Lolita (Cognac) – Footwear and absolutely love them! Personally, I think the Cognac color is really cute and would be an absolute winner this summer. Just look at the ratings given by the users on these sandals! Over 470 reviews and the score if off the charts! A 2″ heel and “napa” leather & of course not to mention acomfy latex/rubber compound for the footbed.

great summer sandals by dansko
Dansko – Lolita (Cognac) – Footwear

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