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Saturday, November 26, 2022

5 Reasons Why Shoes are Better than Men

Posted by Sophie on December 18, 2008

Why Shoes are Better than Men

Why Shoes are Better than Men

Sometimes I ask myself why do I love shoes so much? When I find the answers there are literally so many that I just stop right there and say to myself “Ok, I guess there are so many I don’t really even need to ask now do I”!

Here are 5 reasons why shoes are better than men

  1. You can always return your shoes if you get home and decide you don’t like them.  No hassle there.  Getting rid of a guy that you just realized is not going to work out is a much different story and not hassle-free.  Plus there is always the Ebay or Craigslist route with shoes that your are done with.
  2. Your friends will actually compliment you on your new pair of shoes.  Your new man, probably not!
  3. You can switch your shoes every single day if you so desire.  Variety is the spice of life ladies!  Switching your men with such frequency will land you a nice reputation as the “Slut” in your neck of the woods. 
  4. Breaking in your new pair of boots or pumps may take only a few days.  Breaking in that new man you met in the grocery store will take years or it may never happen at all.  Honestly, breaking in a horse seems like a breeze when compared to men. 
  5. You know exactly what price you are paying up front for those gorgeous slingbacks.  You have no idea what price you will ultimately end up paying for that hunk you recently started dating.  In most cases the price only gets steeper as the relationship continues on…am I right?


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