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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Foot Care & Pampering with Peppermint

Posted by Sophie on Thursday, June 25th, 2009

During the summer, there is a full on display of feet with more revealing shoes like sandals and flip flops.  People always complain about high heels but did you know that flip flops (no support) and flats can cause foot problems as well – ankle sprains, blisters, tendinitis, bunions, etc.  So foot care is even more essential this time of the year.  What good is it wearing a sexy pair of shoes when your feet are repulsive… worst of all, smelly?  Eeeek!

I found out firsthand that peppermint is not only superb for oral care but foot care as well!  I was thrilled to have stumbled upon an amazing foot care line from The Body Shop.  I was very impressed with the aromatic, cooling, and therapeutic effects of peppermint.

There are two products that I can’t go without!  The Peppermint Cooling Foot Scrub is to die for.  The refreshing aroma from the peppermint oil is incredibly invigorating (not like those fake peppermint fragrances) while it exfoliates.  My favorite product from the line is the Peppermint Cooling Leg Gel that I use to massage my tired feet, ankles, and calves.  I even put it on my achy shoulders!  It’s definitely a great way to cool down & get refreshed in the summer!

You can get the individual product or even better, try the Foot Spa Kit below that’s on sale for $32 $45.  I’m sure you’ll love the line as much as I have.  Now, you’ll be able to showcase your sexy feet all year long!

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