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Monday, May 16, 2022

Juicy Couture Adore Butterfly Flats

Posted by Sophie on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Juicy Couture Adore Butterfly Flats

Juicy Couture Adore Flats

Every single thing I’ve ever bought that was from Juicy Couture has been amazing.  The quality for sure, also the durability in that this brand lasts forever!  From tracksuits, to jeans and even shoes they are all made so very well.  These adorable Adore ballet flats are precious.

I know the price may seem high at $244 but I can tell you ladies that you will be wearing these flats year after year.  The butterfly embellishment is so cute that it’s almost impossible to no want to add this to your collection.  Also comes in Red or Black!


Most Wanted – Knee-high Gladiator Sandals

Posted by Sophie on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

My most wanted shoe of the week has to be the brand new Juicy Couture knee-high gladiator sandals. I am a big fan of the gladiator sandals & some of the most fashion-forward celebrities like Kate Moss and the Mary-Kate Olsen absolutely adore them!


Juicy Couture Lavish Gladiator $295

Juicy Couture Lavish Gladiator $295

These Juicy Couture “Lavish” gladiators are simply ravishing. This year take your traditional gladiator sandals one notch higher with what has to be the absolute coolest knee-high gladiators I have seen.  This is actually a flat sandal but is ultra sexy because of the unique geometric shapes and side buckles.  The goldtone hardware and the Vachetta leather truly make these sandals to die for!

Right now take advantage of FREE shipping on all shoes at Nordstrom and scoop up these lovelies before they are out of stock!

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