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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Heels are Underrated!

Posted by Sophie on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

I can’t live without heels.  I LOVE high heels and I’m sure you do too.  They give you that confidence, sex appeal, and the attitude that flats can’t offer.  I don’t hate flats like Victoria Beckham, do you remember her quote “I just can concentrate in flats.”  LOL!

Heels get such a bad rap of being painful, uncomfortable but do you know that flats are just as bad or even worse?  Recent studies have found that heels are overall better for your health than flats!  Not only do heels helps you build calf muscles but they can also help improve pelvic muscle strength, thus allowing for better sex according to researchers.  Heels are also better for your knees than flats, so wearing a pair of stilettos could mean you are less likely to develop arthritis in the knee joints later in life!  Nice!

According to Professor Thorogood, ‘Women who smoke, are overweight and do a lot of heavy housework such as scrubbing are more likely to develop painful knees later in life.  ‘But women who wear stiletto heels will be reassured to learn that their choice of fashion-before-comfort footwear will not lead to knee joint problems and may even prevent them.’  Heard that?

Just remember don’t go extreme – killer heels or very flat shoes, either aren’t wise choices especially for working ladies.  Whether they are heels or flats, it all comes down to finding the right fit for your feet.  So, if the heels fit, wear them!  Wear them with pride & your head held high!

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