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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Christian Siriano Spring 2010

Posted by Sophie on Monday, September 14th, 2009

I was pleased with the Fall 09 Collection from Christian Siriano for Payless.  Love them boots!  However, his latest Spring 2010 collection is not as thrilling as the last.  Honestly, I do love these fab shoes… the color, pattern, everything… but those warped heels?  How unflattering under such sexy platforms!  I admire his inventive side (and I think he’s so adorable!) but those horn-like heels really ruined the overall design for me.  What’s your take on these shoes?

Expect to see the shoes & handbags in Payless stores around Feb, 2010.  Oh, and hopefully, there will be some alterations to the heels before they hit the stores.  Fingers crossed!

Photo Credit: nymag

Stylish Thong Booties Under $45

Posted by Sophie on Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Wow, I get sooo excited when I find spectacular summer booties!  Well, more like thongs in this case – thong booties!

To me, regular thongs are boring… lacking in style I might say.  Maybe just to walk on the beach or a quick run to the store.  But these thong booties are anything but boring!  They are stylin’ & profilin’!  Ha!

The comfort of flat sandals, the high style of boots… these hip suede thong booties combine the best of both worlds!  Black or Red for $44.90 each!

Thong Bootie (black) $44.90

Thong Bootie (black) $44.90

Thong Bootie (red) $44.90

Thong Bootie (red) $44.90

Most Wanted – L.A.M.B. Faith Booties

Posted by Sophie on Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The first word I murmured when I spotted these L.A.M.B. Faith Booties… was WOW!  There are tons of booties around… and among those countless booties, there are a few that make me gasp for air!

I sooooo want to get my feet wrapped in this seriously sexy pair with all the juicy details – the buckled ankle strap, fishnet-inspired woven leather, 4.25 of stacked heels, back zipper closure.  Perfect booties you can indulge in throughout the spring & summer!  What more is there to ask???

L.A.M.B. Faith Booties

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