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Monday, May 16, 2022

Simple and Elegant Gray Ankle Boots

Posted by Sophie on Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Leggy lady Taylor Momsen is strollin’ in a delicious pair of gray ankle boots.  Did I tell ya that I’m a huge fan of the color gray?  Her boots look so great with floral lace tights. Gray is like black, goes with everything plus I’ve found that many things in gray especially accessories look more expensive.

These boots are simple, elegant, and of course sexy.  No extra details added, just the gorgeous sleek gray boots.  Versatile in many ways, you’ll find these a definite everyday go-to pair of boots.

Jessica Simpson Pasadena $131

Nine West Trivett $108.95


HALMANERA $140 $165

Look for Less – Studded Belt Boots

Posted by Sophie on Monday, August 3rd, 2009

This season, anything with studs goes.  You are going to see lots of studs for the coming fall & winter and of course, I don’t mind that at all!  Being a boot/stud junkie myself, it’s hard not to adore these studded boots.  Right?

I’m definitely leaning towards the Rusttik ($149) suede pair for the overall design.  So gorgeous!  The cheaper pair, Studded Belt Boots ($49.99) still offer high style yet with low maintenance!  Both of these versatile pairs move effortlessly from day to night, jeans to a dress!

Look for Less – Miu Miu Black Booties

Posted by Sophie on Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I consider myself a frugal fashionista so I really enjoy finding similar shoes that are compatible to designer ones.  Found another lovely pair on Sienna Miller.  She upgraded her cool casual look with these luxurious Miu Miu black booties (along with a fab YSL bag!).

The elegant v-cut is what makes these booties oh-so-so irresistable!  A must-have for any fashionista!  See more of Sienna’s stylish boots.

Here are three different finishes – leather, suede, leather/suede, and suede peep toe.  Make these booties versatile by wearing them with good ol’ jeans (like Sienna) or a dress for a luxe look.  I’m partial to the leather/suede combo booties… which one is your favorite ladies?

WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Stylish Thong Booties Under $45

Posted by Sophie on Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Wow, I get sooo excited when I find spectacular summer booties!  Well, more like thongs in this case – thong booties!

To me, regular thongs are boring… lacking in style I might say.  Maybe just to walk on the beach or a quick run to the store.  But these thong booties are anything but boring!  They are stylin’ & profilin’!  Ha!

The comfort of flat sandals, the high style of boots… these hip suede thong booties combine the best of both worlds!  Black or Red for $44.90 each!

Thong Bootie (black) $44.90

Thong Bootie (black) $44.90

Thong Bootie (red) $44.90

Thong Bootie (red) $44.90

Year-Round Boots: Ursula Fringe Boots

Posted by jenny11 on Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I’m the kind of girl that loves wearing boots year-round, meaning that I am a bonified “Bootsaholic“. So when I came across these fringe ankle boots from Sam Edelman I was totally excited & ready to scoop them up.

Fringe Ankle Boots - On SALE for only $116

Fringe Ankle Boots - On SALE for only $104.40

I really love fringe and suede together as these boots really are very versatile.  Of course they would look great with skinny jeans or black leggings (yum, yum) but these boots would also be nice for warmer weather with either jean shorts or even a beautiful sun dress to give you that boho-chic look.

My personal favorite is the Taupe Cow Suede but they also come in orange, grey and chestnut suede!

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